GTG ! What if we mark task as DONE?

Here we have to consider two scenarios :

1. If user mark task as Done.
2. If task overdue

In both scenarios we are creating the new task instance, which depends on the recurring details validation.

To calculate the next overdue date we used python3-dateutil package, specially rrule module

What if the task have recurring and normal subtasks ?

– If recurring task have normal task then in that case we will mark them as done and won’t create a new instance.
– If subtask is recurring then will create instance according to recurring details.

Why “rid” added ?

– To keep the track of the recurring instance we need something, that’s why “rid” added.
– It will be useful in case of deleting the multiple occurrence.
– Here is the new task structure :

<task id=Value  recur=Value  rid=Value >


 Edit Recurring event

Added a dialog box for editing the recurring task event.

User can change,

1. Only current occurrence

2. All occurrences

Implementation stuffs are remaining.

Changed constraints of  “End on Date”

– Also few constraints of  “End on Date” are removed.

– Kept the “End on Date”  independent of due date.

– If “End on Date” is before the start date then we show it in red.

In next week I will add support to modify the recurring event.


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