GTG ! How we are handling overdue task ?

Question comes to mind..what if the task is overdue and GTG launched after few days?

It should be that much intelligent that it could create a task instances which are missed during those period.

For now added a “Touch” attribute in the task structure to keep track of the instances of recurring task.

( P. S. Any better approach is most welcome )

To calculate the next instances we won’t set the “Touch” as it will be considered to calculate next occurrences in future.

Task structure look like this now :

<task rid=Value  id=Value touched=Value >


Removed the Edit event dialog box

GTG user hates popup’s that why removed the edit event dialog box.

This is how the Task browser will look like after editing the task.


Screenshot from 2014-07-04 20:21:39










Two options :

1. Change only current instance

– Will planing to create a hidden task to save previous task attribute and use those attribute to populate future task’s.

2. All instances

– Change all the task attributes except those which are marked as done.

Comments and suggestion are most welcome in order to make this optimized.


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