About Me

Sagar Ghuge

Email: ghugesss@gmail.com

IRC Nick Name : sagar

Connected to GimpNet : #gtg, #gedit, #python, #gtk

I love to learn new things and use them. I have the ability to adjust to new technologies and environments quickly so I can work fast in a new environment. I’m ready to accept new challenges where I can prove myself, explore new things and I thoroughly enjoy doing this.

I started to contribute GNOME by writing few patches for Gedit application. As I was interested to work upon Python, I discovered the GTG application which is designed in it. Using GTG I discovered few small bugs and I thought solving this would be a wonderful idea.

I like to contribute for the betterment of the FOSS community. Working on Other GNOME project seems to me as an extraordinary opportunity to improve my skills too.


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