Replacing GtkTextView/Buffer with GtkSourceView/Buffer

Now we have the GtkSourceVIew and GtkSourceBuffer instead of the GtkTextView and GtkTextBuffer.

To implement the Search functionality this change was necessary as GtkSourceSearchContext  is used for the search and replace in a GtkSourceBuffer.

Stay tunned for the Search functionality option updates.

Also we made some major changes related to Coding style. From onwards will have the following coding style.

Use tabs to indent the code and spacing to align the parameters.


New Look for Preferences of Xpad

For next Release of Xpad 4.4 you will have a new look for preference dialog.

Screenshot from 2014-08-25 12:37:05









You will see the GtkNotebook used to optimize the dialog size. Reason is to use Notebook is if user is having a laptop (10” screen) , then he was not able to see the bottom of preferences window.

First solution was to make it scrollable, but having a notebook makes much better what you say guys.?

In future if options increased on preferences dialog then we can make the Noteook page scrollable.