Debugging a reference count

Its like a headache when you want to debug the reference count of GOjects. You have SystemTap to debug the application but it’s bit of pain to setup it. But once you set it up then it works pretty cool.

But I choose simple way for counting the reference objects GObject-list. Clone it on your machine.

Before making it you need to install libunwind. and fire make command.

after making it use this command :

LD_PRELOAD=~/Development/tools/gobject-list/ application | grep application -i

it will gives you a reference count of GObject’s.


Marathi C Programming..!!!!

As Many other country have programming language in there own local language so why don’t we have…? Taking this  into consideration we developed the Programming language in which you can write program in Marathi instead of English.

So that this will increase your programming skill as you don’t have to take burden of learning English language  if you know Marathi very well.

How This will Help you ?

1. If you know Marathi the only language then you are cleared with your idea and logic in your mind,so no need to translate that logic in English language as need for doing C programming now days.

2 .The language that you know from childhood that will be easy to you to understand the concept and meaning of every term used in Programming language

Here you find source code :