Prepending Icon

How should we show that the task is recurring?

Prepending icon to the task to indicate that it is recurring. I think this is the best approach without modifying much things.

Adding attribute “recurrence” in xml to keep track of the recurring task.

Here is screenshot  :

Icon Prepended










Update summary is in place now.

Planning to handle all detailed information of recurrence and few constraints for Due date.



UI design for adding Recurring task

Here it come’s the new User Interface for adding ” Recurring task’s ” on GTG!

You can find the source code and progress of my work here: Recurring Task

Repeat Task Weekly.

Repeat Task Weekly.












Repeat Task Monthly

Repeat Task Monthly












Added “End On” date constraints.

  1. If the task’s Start date happens later than the  new End on date, we update it (except for fuzzy dates).
  2. If the task’s Due date happens before than the new End on date, we update it (except for fuzzy dates).
  3. If some ancestors’ Due dates happen before the task’s new End on date, we update them (except for fuzzy dates).

Applied constraints for children as well. 

  1. If the child’s Due date happens later than the task’s, we update it to the task’s new End on date.
  2. If the child’s Start date happens later than the task’s new End on date, we update it (except for fuzzy start dates).

While designing the User Interface using Glade, what you do is play with the “Packing” options of the containers e.g setting “expand” , “Padding”, etc. and obviously sometime you have to set the width of the components too  🙂

Why not to set the Packing options of Components?

Because when you set the padding for the components, or other options like expand, fill, etc.  User Interface looks good on the machine on which you have designed it, but when you try to run it on another machine, User Interface looks bad. Looks bad means components won’t be positioned properly.

Also one more thing we need to consider ,User Interface looks ugly when you set fixed Width and Height of components. Because when you try to run them on the other machine having the different resolution or configuration.

Font also matters in some cases [ Not so sure about Font ! In my case I didn’t experienced this. But while finding out the answer for different behavior of  UI on different machine, I think we should consider Fonts too . ]

Very soon you will find update about the summary in code.


Marathi C Programming..!!!!

As Many other country have programming language in there own local language so why don’t we have…? Taking this  into consideration we developed the Programming language in which you can write program in Marathi instead of English.

So that this will increase your programming skill as you don’t have to take burden of learning English language  if you know Marathi very well.

How This will Help you ?

1. If you know Marathi the only language then you are cleared with your idea and logic in your mind,so no need to translate that logic in English language as need for doing C programming now days.

2 .The language that you know from childhood that will be easy to you to understand the concept and meaning of every term used in Programming language

Here you find source code :